Eating real food is elemental, and using it to heal yourself is… alimentary!

Whether you’re interested in solving your digestive issues, managing a pre-existing condition or would simply like to eat and feel better I can help you.

What we put into our bodies has a direct effect on our physical and emotional well-being. I will help you to make that connection and determine which foods are most supportive for your body and any health issues that you may be experiencing. I believe in keeping it simple and will not ask you to count calories, deprive yourself or follow the latest food trend. Instead we will focus on eating well and devise a nutrition plan that is practical, sustainable and most of enjoyable!



1. providing nourishment
2. pertaining to the organs of digestion

Being a first time parent is such a rewarding experience but can at times be very unnerving. My 1-year old daughter was suffering ear infection after ear infection and each time was prescribed antibiotics to clear it up.
I became very conflicted. Things like the fear of hearing loss, becoming immune to antibiotics, surgery to have tubes inserted in her ears and the pain my daughter suffered as a result of these ear infections plagued my mind.  We were one ear infection away from getting a referral to an ENT specialist to discuss tube insertion and I was at my wits end.
That was until I received a consultation from Lucy!  It is thanks to Lucy and the changes she made to my daughter’s diet that marked the end of ear infections for my baby girl.  I can now happily say that she has not had an ear infection in ONE WHOLE YEAR (and counting…)!
Lucy knows her stuff and I can’t thank her enough!

DL (One Happy Momma)Mother of client

I had the privilege of attending Lucy’s holistic nutrition workshops.  At every session, she was organized, thorough, passionate, and patient.  Her weekly presentations were engaging and informative, which helped to facilitate wonderful conversations about bettering our individual lives, whether it was finding practical ways to manage our stress, boosting our immune systems, or improving our gut health.  Lucy’s patience was evident as she often stayed late to answer our groups many questions, and always provided realistic, affordable, and useful answers and/or remedies that we could easily incorporate into our lives.  As a busy teacher juggling fluctuating schedules, after school events, and family, Lucy accommodated the staff by running workshops at the most convenient location, and switching the dates and times of sessions to ensure that all could attend.  Everyone has something to gain from working with Lucy, her wisdom, guidance, and support have helped me to make natural and realistic changes in my life

JYElementary Teacher, TDSB

As an educator and mother of two young boys I find it very challenging to find the time to do something that is just for me. Last year at my school, a series of It’s Alimentary Nutritional Counselling workshops were offered for staff after school in the library. I signed up to attend the workshops, and I cannot overstate the importance of the effect that this series has had on my day to day life. From the little changes such as teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to Meatless Mondays to bigger shifts in thinking about myself and my stress levels these workshops have had a real impact on my life.  I realize now that in order for me to be the best version of myself, then I must take the time to nurture and care for my body.  Self-care is not a luxury, it is essential.

JCElementary Teacher, TDSB

I work as an Employment Coach with St. Stephen’s House and serve and support people who experience homelessness and struggle with addictions and mental health issues. I invited Lucy Frankel into our organization to deliver a workshop on  stress and it’s links to nutrition as part of our employment readiness training program where we focus on topics like work retention and self-care.

Out of all the topics and guest speakers we brought to our diverse group, Lucy’s workshop was the most well received and every participant raved about it afterwards. Many remarked that her presentation style was ‘ real and honest’ that she made complicated information easy to understand and relate to.  Her passion and energy was inspiring to the participants and her talk had an immediate impact. The attention she also paid to individual learning needs by providing a fun slide presentation and handouts has led to us making her workshop a permanent part of our project curriculum.

Lucy’s approachable and friendly demeanor makes her a great fit for any organization that wants to add holistic nutrition to their programming for community members or staff and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

DLEmployment Coach, St. Stephen’s House

When I met Lucy at my first appointment, my immune system and digestion system were in bad shape. As a result I would easily catch colds and flu and once I had them, they would linger for weeks!! My energy level was also very low and I was losing weight rather rapidly……I lost 25 pounds in 6 months!!!

It’s about 4 months now since my first appointment…….I have not had a bout of cold or flu yet!!  I am slowly gaining weight. Both my digestive system and the immune system are on the mend thanks to Lucy and the fantastic job she has done with me. She listens to her clients’ concerns, is genuinely interested in improving her clients’ health, and her recommendations are based on and sensitive to the client’s concerns.